Sugar Control Diet

In someone whose sugar metabolism is malfunctioning, they feel energy highs and lows throughout the day. This can lead to fatigue, digestive problems, and other disorders. The sugar control diet Robert Leak uses helps reset the body’s sugar control mechanism to easily process complex carbohydrates again. The first 2 weeks require a strict diet eliminating certain foods containing complex carbohydrates that can be a challenge for the body to break down. Examples of these are rice (unless dry-roasted), yams, beets, pasta, wheat products, and sweeteners. Some foods that are allowed are meats (not fried), eggs, fish, dairy, green vegetables, and sprouted grain bread. Sucanat, an evaporated cane juice, can be a used as a substitute sweetener. One must eat at least a snack every two hours of the day. Using Applied Kinesiology, Robert Leak tests and resets the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. After the two weeks, 1 of the restricted foods is added to the diet. Robert tests the body once again, and if the sugar metabolism is still functioning correctly that food can remain in the diet. This continues on until all of the restricted food items are reintroduced. After the whole process, one can eat everything again. However, the body has learned to maintain consistent levels of energy and it doesn’t crave sweets like before to compensate for drops in the blood sugar level.